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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What has been happening so far to get the school ready for 2021?

So far, we have formed specialist working parties who are researching, examining case-studies and consulting on the following areas:

  • Learning and Wellbeing
  • Finance and Infrastructure
  • Identity
  • Compliance
  • Marketing and Communications

These working parties are made up of external education consultants, CBC staff, CEM and EREA consultants and directors, parents, members of the Board, Alumni, and representatives for the Parish, St Mary’s Primary School and Presentation Sisters. We have been consulting with parents, the P&F and students about our reimagined mission and vision, their hopes, their fears and their ideas. We will continue to consult for all major decisions. We are working closely with Catholic Education Melbourne to ensure we achieve our amended registration to enrol girls. We have engaged architects to develop a renewed master plan.

Q What if there aren’t many girls enrolled next year?

Our vision for education and pastoral care will be enacted from Day 1 2021. We understand that enrolments of girls may take a few years to catch up with boys and we have factored this into our forecasting. We will ensure girls have access to a wide range of educational and co-curricular opportunities, subject choices, sports programs, leadership programs, academic and pastoral support.

In the first few years, our girls will receive special attention and have regular student forums to ensure their needs are being met.

Q Which education model will be followed? For example, will it be coeducation or parallel education, middle and senior school, or some combination? Will there be any mixing at all in Years 7-9 (eg Music classes, Art classes, camps, recess, lunch) between girls and boys?

A working party focused on researching the best learning model for our context has commenced and will continue investigating this over the next few weeks. This group is looking at indepth case-studies, research and consultation and will then make a recommendation.


Whatever model is decided on, there will be some mixing of girls and boys. This will help to prepare them for our senior classes which have been co-educational in our partnership with PCW for many years.

Q Will we be able to keep PCW events like the Music Festival?

It is important to us to incorporate some of the customs and traditions of PCW into our reimagined school. Some events and traditions may be adapted, combined and retained. Where possible, we would love for the girls to help us plan how we can integrate and celebrate aspects of their beloved school.

Q How are parents involved in the planning?

We have already undertaken parent consultation sessions, parent surveys and parent information evenings. We provide our P&F with regular updates and will be attending parent meetings at PCW.

There will be more opportunity for parent consultation throughout the year, particularly in areas such as learning models, uniform and transition programs.

Parents from CBC, PCW and St Mary’s have been a part of the consultation process. If you would like to be involved, please email Jenny Knox (CBC’s Director of Innovation and College Development) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your request and details.

Q Will the name CBC remain?

We are looking at the possibility of changing our name to reflect our new school. If we do, we will need to ensure the story of CBC remains strong. Like most of our planning work, a name change is a consultative process. We will continue to be an EREA school (Edmund Rice Education Australia) – a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition.

Q How can I find out more information?

Check out the CBC Facebook page for regular updates. We will include updates on our website and in our newsletter. We are also happy to answer any questions at all if you contact us.

Q What is happening with Year 9 Program?

Our specialised community-based Year 9 Program is successful and popular because it targets the specific needs of students in this phase of adolescence. At the moment, we are in discussions to determine the future of Balaclava Campus. However, the Year 9 Program itself is important to us, and whilst it will be reviewed and renewed, it will certainly continue.

Q What will be the LOTE subjects? Girls currently study French - will that continue?

We will make every effort to honour subjects that PCW girls are currently enrolled in, particularly those in Year 11 this year. At your enrolment interview, we can discuss specific subject details. We are also considering what LOTE subjects will be offered in the long term.

Q Which site will my child be based at and will she/he be required to move between sites?

No decision has yet been made as to which year levels will be based at which site, with the intention being to place year levels according to pastoral care and wellbeing considerations.

We will aim to optimise the use of facilities at both sites to provide the best educational opportunities for students. We will aim to build timetables to minimise movement between sites. When movement is required, ample time will be provided. 

Q Will we be required to purchase a new uniform?

 There will be a transition period during which existing uniforms can be worn, to minimise cost for parents. At this stage the length of transition is to be determined.

 No decisions have yet been made about uniform changes. Consultation will take place with students, the Identity Working Party, parents, staff and uniform designers.

Q How do I enrol my child?

For girls currently enrolled at PCW - a place has been reserved, if enrolment is sought. Families will still need to complete an enrolment form, found on the CBC website. The application fee will be waived for 2021. Please fill out forms by the end of March 2020 to help with planning for 2021. There will be an interview, although your place will not be dependent on this. Enrolments are subject to CBC gaining VRQA approvals for co-education.

For all other enrolments – Please refer to the CBC website for information.

These Frequently Asked Questions will be added to as the planning process unfolds. They will be on the CBC St Kilda website and with the regular information updates in 2020.

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