Pastoral care has each person as its focus, supporting and encouraging all members of the College community to live according to the Gospel Values as seen in the life of Jesus - expressing love, compassion, reconciliation and justice towards all. Central to the policy of the College is a deep respect for the innate dignity and uniqueness of each individual person. The goals of Pastoral Care at CBC are:
  • To enable each person to grow toward their full potential
  • To affirm the dignity of each person
  • To assist each person to appreciate their own personal worth
  • To help them build their own personal relationships
  • To create an environment which facilitates the development and experience of responsible self-discipline.
All members of the College community foster Pastoral Care. We focus on one another's growth, development, care and support. Whilst Pastoral Care permeates all structures, process and policies at CBC, the following aspects of College life are visible signs of Pastoral Care in action - Counsellors, College Chaplain, Student Support Programs, Retreats and Camps, Sport and Faith Development Programs.