The community of Christian Brothers’ College is proud of the achievements of our Year 12 students in their end of year exams and assessments.  We are particularly proud of the attainment of an ATAR of 97.55 by the College Dux, and the fact that 6 (or 8%) of our VCE students received ATAR scores above 90.  CBC continues to be a place where high academic achievement is well within the reach of every boy.

Joining these very high achievers were those boys who received ATAR scores of 70 or above.  In 2015 37% of our students were in this category, a great result, and one of which we are very proud.  In relation to individual study scores, there were some equally outstanding achievements, with a number of students receiving scores in the 40’s.  Vocational Education and Training (VET) continues to be a popular option for many of our students, gaining certification as well as adding value to their ATAR scores.

Here at CBC we are equally proud of our Victorian Certificate of Applied Education (VCAL) achievements with a 100% completion rate for the boys undertaking this qualification.  Across 2015 the VCAL students were involved in a range of activities to improve their applied learning skills, including a Barista course, SCOPE Youth Ambassadors course, Confined Space Entry Ticket, Working Safely at Heights Ticket, Construction Induction White Card, Fire Extinguisher training with portable firefighting equipment, and bricklaying, upholstery and tiling short courses. Coupled with their fine work in the literacy and numeracy outcomes the boys had a very successful year and are to be congratulated on their diligence and commitment to learning.

“CBC continues to be a school where each young man can find his place, learn new things and develop new skills, and achieve at the very highest level.  We are very proud of our ability to offer successful programs which pursue academic excellence, relevance and creativity, and equally proud of the wonderful achievements of our boys.  We wish them the very best for their future, confident that they are young men of great character and commitment.”