"The will of God be done in this and everything we undertake" Blessed Edmund Rice

The charism of Blessed Edmund Rice, expressed in the example of his deeds, the wisdom of his writings, and the lived experience of the Christian Brothers throughout history and the world, provides a powerful source of inspiration for the College as we continue to respond to the call to educate the hearts and minds of the young.

In constantly renewing our efforts to provide an authentic, contemporary and sustaining education we also draw from the values expressed in the Gospels, as embodied in the mission and ministry of Jesus.  These values call us to recognise and affirm the uniqueness of each individual, the presence of the divine in all, and the promise of redemption and growth.

The Christian Brothers College community is marked by an energetic and enthusiastic commitment to realising the vision, mission and practice of our College through a continual reinterpretation of the values contained in the life of Jesus, the ministry of Catholic Education, and the charism of Blessed Edmund Rice.

In embracing and living out these traditions Christian Brothers' College is distinguished by a culture based on the following characteristics: the provision of a holistic high quality education for every student, recognition of the authenticity of the spirituality of all members of the College community, purposeful strengthening of each individual's relationship with God, a secure, strong and inclusive community that recognises the dignity of every member, courageous and active service of others undertaken through a commitment to justice and equity, compassionate understanding of the needs of all, deliberate seeking out and solidarity with those at the margins of our society, deep reflectiveness which guides thought and actions.