CBC provides a carefully and seamlessly integrated Senior Pathways Program for our students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The College is committed to ensuring that our students are motivated and focused in their learning. The Senior School focus is about giving the students the tools they need to develop self-confidence in their abilities. Working toward their personal best then becomes an appealing and achievable goal.

In Year 10, students have compulsory core subjects which include: English, Maths, Physical Education; Religious Education and Science. Students elect 4 other subjects from a range of disciplines such as Humanities, Information Technology and the Arts. Students in Year 10 also have the opportunity to study a VCE subject, or may enrol in a VET study.

Work Experience is another facet to the Year 10 education program which offers an opportunity for a student to discover different pathways that may assist with future subject selections, Tertiary /TAFE courses and employment.

The Year 11 and Year 12 program is designed to offer a variety of subjects in different disciplines. Students may choose to enrol in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL). In both courses, English and Religious Education are compulsory. In VCE Year 11, students can choose five additional subjects and in VCE Year 12, students chose an additional four subjects.

The VCAL course consists of five study areas: Literacy, Numeracy, Personal Development, Work Related Skills and Industry Related Skills. Industry Related Skills requires a student to undertake a VET study or a school-based apprenticeship.

Students in VCE Year 11 and VCE Year 12 are also eligible to partake in further enhancement studies: for example, in Year 11 a student may study a Year 12 subject (Unit 3/4) and in Year 12 a student may enrol in a University Enhancement Study. Students may also enrol in a VET study as part of their VCE program. VET is a two-year Vocational Education and Training course which increases students' learning potential, gives students a National qualification and skills and prepares them for the workforce. VET studies count towards the VCE and can contribute to the ATAR . These courses take place outside the College, usually on a Wednesday afternoon.

In partnership with our sister school, Presentation College Windsor, VCE Year 11 and VCE Year 12 classes are often co-educational. This allows students a wide range of subjects and flexibility in their choices, as well as providing students an opportunity to work cooperatively in a classroom setting. While the schools remain independent, the combined classes provide a wonderful learning environment.