Students spend their Year 9 at the Balaclava Campus to enable a program that does not follow a standard timetable. This specially designed program allows the students to undertake project works around the school yard such as construction of garden spaces and other facilities for the school community. Students will also experience a curriculum that links major subject areas to facilitate the use of student-driven learning. 'Quest' focuses on the local Balaclava community to investigate the areas of Religious Education, Economics, History, Geography, English and social relationships. 'Wellbeing' is designed to provide students with a program that explores mental and physical health. The main disciplines of Religious Education, English, Humanities, Information & Communications Technology, Mathematics, Physical Education and Science are all covered in these integrated programs.

Students are also presented with Interest Studies that they can elect to complete covering the areas of Art, Drama, Italian, Japanese, Journalism, Media, Music, Physical Education and Science.


Year 9 Program Overview 

The Year 9 Program is organised around a number of key areas.

Quest is an integrated inquiry incorporating elements of Religious Education, English, Humanities and Multimedia. In Term 3 students undertake an inquiry into the nature of the local community. This is challenging learning that culminates in an exhibition planned and created by the students.

Focus is a project based program that will allow the boys to leave their mark on the campus. Projects include building a pizza oven, planting an edible garden, creating outdoor art, recording the development of the program in a documentary, creating the Campus website, or making lunch for the year level on project days.

Wellbeing is an opportunity for the boys to participate in activities that promote physical and emotional health and encourage the development of life long healthy habits.

Community Meetings are held weekly and are run by students. This is an opportunity for the boys to highlight important developments and to celebrate student achievements.

Literacy Literacy is a crucial element of the Quest inquiry, and students are taught explicit literacy skills to enable them to produce writing for a variety of purposes and audiences.

Personal Learning is a time given for students to set goals, find out how they learn best, and to develop strategies that assist them to be successful learners.

Maths Students learn mathematical concepts and skills in a variety of ways, including projects and problem solving tasks. Skills are practiced through the use of the Mathletics online learning program, which can also be used at home.

Science Works Students investigate Science in the real world through practical activities and projects.

Discovery Students are able to continue their study of Japanese, Italian or Art, or can elect to use Multimedia in the Digital Design elective.

Justice for All Catholic social teaching is the basis for learning about a just society. CBC St Kilda is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition and we promote life long commitment to actively working toward addressing injustice.

Religious Education is vital part of the Year 9 Curriculum. Liturgy and prayer are celebrated regularly in the Quest inquiry unit, all students explore the spiritual nature of the community. A number of events focusing on Religious Education will be conducted throughout the semester.