Junior School Outline

CBC St Kilda provides a diverse curriculum option for students in Years 7, 8 and 9. The College believes in creating learning opportunities in every aspect of a boy's school day so that our students can build strong understanding and skills in reflecting on themselves as a learner. The Junior School is divided into three distinct programs that link to provide an overall learning experience.

Year 7 Program

The curriculum is integrated and grouped into main learning categories that allow students to make links between traditional subject areas and create real connections to their own experiences.
'Explore' draws on the areas of English, History, Geography, Economics and the Humanities. 'Investigate' uses mathematical and scientific concepts to explain the world in which our students live. 'Challenge' allows students to focus on their changing bodies and the physical and psychological aspects associated with becoming a teenager. 'Create' allows the students to design, produce and evaluate their own pieces of work in the fields of Art, Drama, Italian, Japanese, Manual Arts, Music and Visual Communication.

Year 8 Program

The Year 8 program builds on the strong foundation commenced in Year 7 and continues the emphasis on making connections between learning and developing high level skills.  Students undertake studies from the core areas of Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Health and Physical Education, and the Humanities.   Studies in Japanese and Italian are also offered and the boys complete outcomes in both the Creative and Performing Arts, undertaking work across the range of Arts disciplines including Music, Art, Visual Communication and Design, Manual Arts and Drama.  Moving on from the more integrated course offered at Year 7 the program focuses on building particular learning capacities which support student learning and achievement.  These include the ability to: be resourceful learners, show perseverance and resilience when facing new concepts and developing new understandings, undertake reflective processes to improve learning, and develop effective interpersonal learning skills which will encourage cooperative work with their peers and with other facilitators in the learning process, such as teachers, community organisations, external experts and presenters.  At the completion of the year students are well prepared to be independent and efficient learners capable of taking up the challenges presented by the Year 9 program while having developed a strong basis for encouraging high academic achievement.