Learning is central to everything we do at Christian Brothers' College.  We believe that we should develop in every one of our young men the dispositions that will make them critical thinkers and give them the ability to act independently, cooperatively and responsibly to further their own learning.

In designing and implementing the programs of learning at the College we are constantly focused on providing a dynamic, challenging, broad, deep and diverse range of learning experiences which will encourage each student to pursue their own personal excellence.  

We recognise and support individual need and encourage independent learning, initiative and creativity, personal responsibility and a foster a strong culture of excellence.

Christian Brothers' College is committed to developing programs that provide multiple and creative opportunities for all of our students to learn, achieve, and reflect on their own learning in a supportive environment.  We achieve this by building supportive classroom and school environments that promote truth, honesty and a respect for diversity.

At Christian Brothers' College we believe teaching should:

  • Be based upon and foster high quality relationships between teacher and learner;
  • Encourage each student to achieve excellence through the pursuit of the highest academic standards;
  • Engender a sense of community and belonging, as well as an enthusiasm for learning;
  • Be enlivened by the values of compassion, welcome, justice, forgiveness and reconciliation;
  • Recognise and be responsive to individual learning styles and pace of learning;
  • Be characterised by a wide range of engaging, challenging and learner centred teaching strategies;
  • Ensure continuous and stimulating learning experiences for all students;
  • Support all students to develop and implement collaborative strategies for their learning;
  • Recognise and promote learning opportunities within the broader community beyond the College;
  • Take place in an atmosphere of collegial professional discussion and systematic and effective reflection upon practice.

At Christian Brothers' College we believe learning should:

  • Be broad, integrated and balanced;
  • Emphasise continuously the quality of learning with high expectations of achievement;
  • Be dynamic and relevant, allowing for both creative scope as well as intellectual rigour;
  • Provide students with equal access to programs and learning experiences that are challenging, purposeful, comprehensive and designed to support sustained intellectual and skill development;
  • Be based on opportunities to promote students' self confidence and take risks with their learning;
  • Support a culture which gives emphasis to a strong commitment to learning, characterised by classroom atmospheres which are productive, focused and creative, and decision making processes which are inclusive and accessible;
  • Reflect the core values of the charism of the Christian Brothers and the Catholic Church.