CBC St Kilda is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. All Edmund Rice schools are guided by the philosophy and traditions that were established by Edmund Rice over 200 years ago. Edmund Rice values place learning at the heart of everything CBC does. Edmund Rice understood that it is almost impossible for an individual to fulfil their potential without a high quality education. Learning is one of the most powerful and liberating undertakings a person can engage in. For learning to effectively take place students need to be nurtured, have a strong sense of well being and be properly cared for. Therefore CBC endeavours to create learning programs that work with students and take into account their individual needs.

In the late 18th century when Edmund first began educating young people there was a great deal of poverty and suffering around him. He worked very hard to alleviate affliction wherever he saw it by educating and empowering those in his care. An Edmund Rice school in Australia may not witness as much tangible poverty or disadvantage as there was in Ireland in Edmund Rice's day, however we do encounter students who have experienced hardship and we take seriously our responsibility to make sure students in difficult circumstances receive the best education possible. We regularly ask ourselves who are the poor in our community? What form does poverty take?

Edmund Rice understood that nothing can be achieved by people that work alone. For this reason he always strived to make his work, God's work. The Catholic Faith and Gospels were a source of nourishment and inspiration. He was a also man of prayer and spiritual sensitivity. These practices kept him grounded and faithful to his mission. At CBC we encourage students to see a life lived in Faith as a life lived truly. As an Edmund Rice school CBC places great value on the spiritual growth of the young and the development of strong community values. As a community minded man, Edmund Rice understood that working in partnerships with all sorts of people not only creates a beneficial community for those who live in it, but a strong and purposeful community capable of doing many great things.

Edmund Rice schools also have a vision for those who do not experience disadvantage. We believe that an essential part of every young person's education is to learn how to succeed and prosper and do good things for themselves and their families. But that is not sufficient, as we must be also be people with a strong commitment to social justice. Our students actively engage in programs that support disadvantage and poverty in Australia and internationally. A number of our students have the opportunity to join significant networks beyond the College gate. These Edmund Rice networks are present across the world, providing opportunities for our staff and students to engage with significant global causes.

An Edmund Rice student learns to be not only the beneficiary of a good education but also to be a person who affirms all humanity by working in small ways to make the world more just. Young people often feel overwhelmed by suffering and disadvantage; an Edmund Rice education shows them how they can act to make a difference to their fellow human beings.

Edmund Rice Education commits itself to wise stewardship; of the school and its resources, and the wider environment. This means that at CBC St Kilda there should be a commitment to wise and sustainable use of resources.

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