What makes a boys' school distinctive?

If you were to ask someone what makes a boys' school distinctive they may struggle to articulate exactly what it is. Some may nominate clear discipline procedures, structured learning and effective sports programs as examples of boys' education. There is no doubt that boys' schools such as CBC have long traditions providing sound boys' education that offer these values and approaches. And this is for good reason, boys value structured teaching and unambiguous values. They also benefit enormously from active and practical programs that encourage participation, teamwork, leadership and mentoring. The wonderful thing about boys is that they have a great joy for living and an energy, which when nurtured, provides a great power for good.

Boys have incredibly diverse interests!

However it would be an oversimplification to say that this is all that boys' education is about. We live in a complex and fast paced world that requires our young men to have important moral frameworks, social skills as well as independence in learning, and empathy and sensitivity toward others. We once thought that maleness was pretty straightforward but we now understand that boys are incredibly diverse people. They are interested in the arts, social justice and community. They need opportunities to explore the world of music, other cultures and play on the sporting field. Whereas once, people thought sports people were not arts people we now know they can be the same person. CBC has led the way by recognising that strength, graciousness and gentleness are compatible and having energy and being robust does not exclude humility.