Christian Brothers' College, St Kilda and Presentation College, Windsor have a long and valued tradition in the provision of Catholic Secondary Education for boys and girls. VCE classes are shared between the two Colleges. This provides greater flexibility in subject choice to students and offers the opportunity to interact with one another.

A commitment to Christian values

However, each school will continue to maintain and develop the provision of single sex education. Both Colleges are committed to teaching and sharing Christian values and developing a spirituality for today's young people, Church and world. In both Colleges the dignity of each person is nurtured and upheld, individual gifts are consciously fostered, injustice is challenged, education is addressed to the needs of the whole person and is creatively relevant to our contemporary society.

At senior level the schools continue their tradition of single sex education, as well as co-operation for the mutual benefit of students and with an eye to preparing senior students in transition from school to a tertiary environment and workplace.

Co-operation between the two Colleges benefits students at a senior level enabling them to gain a broader range of subject choices and more flexibility in timetabling.

Collaborative teaching strategies

Staff at both Colleges take an active interest, and collaborate on the development of teaching strategies and approaches for the teaching and learning of both young women and men in a single sex or mixed classroom. While valuing and developing the traditional identity of each school, staff are conscious of preparing students for both tertiary studies, the world of work, and relational life in the twenty-first century.

The communities of CBC and PCW wish to creatively respond to the changing educational needs of society, individual interaction with tertiary institutions and the world of work and industry, while firmly founding their values, attitudes and practices in ways of living and loving that are truly Christian and Catholic in an inclusive context.

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