The following policies exist to ensure all students are well presented at all times, but also as a guide to follow when problems arise.

Uniform Policy

Enrolment at CBC implies the acceptance of the following uniform regulations. Students must conform to regulation CBC uniform standards on all College occasions or whilst representing the College at formal functions, unless otherwise directed.

  1. Uniform must be kept neat and clean at all times.
  2. Shoes should be black laced up leather and properly polished.
  3. No jewellery, except for watches and signet rings (at the Principal's discretion) may be worn with the College uniform.
  4. The tie should be worn in an accepted manner i.e. with the top shirt button fastened at the neck.
  5. The Blazer is to be worn to and from the College all year round.
  6. If for any reason the uniform cannot be worn, an explanatory note signed by the parent/guardian must be given to the student's tutor and to the receptionist, who will issue an "out of uniform" pass to the student for a limited period of time.
  7. Students may wear the official College cap with any of their College uniforms. CBC beanies may be worn in Terms 2 & 3 only.
  8. Scarves may be only the CBC College scarf.
  9. All items of clothing are to be clearly and indelibly marked.
  10. Standards of uniform and behaviour must be maintained travelling to and from College.
  11. The College tracksuit is to be worn in its entirety - top and bottom. No other tracksuit is acceptable.
  12. Spray on deodorants are not permitted and will be confiscated. Roll on deodorants are allowed.
  13. Jewellery such as earrings, excessive chains and excessive rings are not permitted and will be removed and confiscated for two weeks.




College Blazer

College Blazer

College Tracksuit

College White Shirt (long or short sleeve)

College White Short Sleeved Shirt with Crest

College Polo Top

Grey Trousers (Long)

Navy Shorts

College Sports Shorts

College Tie

College Tie not required

White Socks

College Jumper (Optional)

College Jumper (Optional)

Sports Socks

Dark Socks

Marle Socks


Black leather Lace Up Shoes

Black leather lace Up Shoes



Hair and Grooming

The standard haircut for a CBC student is that hair is to be cut above the ears, and off the face. Ponytails and undercuts are not permitted. No colouring is permitted at any time. The Principal reserves the right as the final arbiter in maintaining the proper grooming of students in this regard.

Procedure: Student is directed by staff to obtain a haircut. If the student refuses or fails to co-operate, then the matter is reported to the Principal.


Student absences should be registerd prior to start of day using the absence hotline .  If the student falls ill during the school day, he is to report to his teacher who will direct him to sick bay with an explanatory note for sick bay staff.  Administration staff will contact the parent if the student needs to be sent home. 


Mobile phones are permitted at CBC but useage is restricted and are to be used only with staff permission.

Privacy Policy

This document outlines Christian Brothers' College, St Kilda's (CBC St Kilda) policy on how the College uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it. The College is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. We encourage you to review the policy and provide feedback to help us improve it.